P E R M A-Guard 

More than 100 graffiti removal successfully tested on STO, Brillux and Caparol facade paints!

PERMA-Guard is an effective anti graffiti protection for facade paints which withstand a removal of graffiti over 100 times.

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Graffiti Protection System


Permanent graffiti protection coating

PERMA-Guard is a high performance two-component polyurethane permanent coating system on water basis. The graffiti protection coating allows for graffiti removal up to 100 times without renewing the protection coating and therefore offers a superior and permanent protection against graffiti.






Semi-permanent graffiti protection coating

SEMI-Guard is an environmentally friendly, fast drying and transparent impregnating system with graffiti protection layer. Open to moisture evaporation, easy to use, no optical change of the surface. Recommended for historic and listed buildings. 


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Temporary graffiti coating

TEMPO-Guard is a sacrificial water based microcrystalline wax emulsion used as preventive graffiti protection. The graffiti protection has to be re-applied after a graffiti removal. 

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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can be removed from basically all types of surfaces. It is important to choose the appropriate graffiti remover as well as the gentlest process for the substrate. Click here for more information on our products. 

Plastic G

Graffiti remover for sensitive surfaces

Plastic G is a special graffiti remover for sensitive plastic and lacquer surfaces made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable solvents.

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Remover BLUE

Highly concentrated graffiti remover

Remover BLUE is a highly concentrated graffiti remover which allows persistent graffiti to be easily and reliably removed from moist substrates.

For professional use only

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Project Credentials

State Museum Rheinland-Pfalz


Permanent graffiti coating
Semi-permanent graffiti coating

Natural stone / Facade paint

Project details

Cultural Center Schlachthof Wiesbaden

Permanent graffiti coating

Concrete / Facade paint

Project details

Underpass Mörfelden


Permanent graffiti coating

Facade paint / Lacquer

Project details

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Product Selection based on Surface

Select the surface type to identify the appropriate graffiti remover or graffiti coating for your project. 

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Additional surfaces are listed here: Product selection based on surface.