P E R M A-Guard 

More than 100 graffiti removed successfully
tested on STO, Brillux and Caparol facade

PERMA-Guard is an effective anti graffiti protection for
facade paints which withstand a removal of graffiti
over 100 times.

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Graffiti removal and protection products by professionals for professionals


Here at Graffiti Guard we are both manufacturers and users.  This means that when it comes to removing graffiti or protecting surfaces, you can rely on our experience and know-how.  We are constantantly working to improve our products and as a result of our daily practice we are continuously developing and testing new products. Our customers therefore have the opportunity to try and test innovative products which are available at their disposal and cannot be found anywhere else on the market.


The advantages of partnering with Graffiti Guard:

  • Certified Graffiti Protection System (Protection & Cleaner)
  • A Europe-wide processing network
  • Nationwide technical advice
  • Available training for commercial users, construction planners and trade


Removing graffiti is as important an issue for city service providers as it is for painters, property managers and facillity managers. Thanks to our specialization and over 15 years of practical experience in graffiti removal and protection, all anti-graffiti problems can be solved with the Graffit-Guard products. Graffiti can be fundamentally removed from all surfaces with the right choice of graffiti cleaner and the correct application procedures.

With our expertise you can be sure that both the cleaning and protecting products, as well as the process, are precisely tailored to your requirements and conditions. Our capabilities also include training and support for architects, construction planners, municipalities, specialist retailers as well as commercial users. Through our network of executing companies, we are available throughout Europe as a contact regarding anti-graffiti measures for every type of surface area.

Systematic graffiti protection

Effective developments for graffiti protection

Our PERMA-Guard product is an extremely effective permanent protecting agent against all graffiti. This can be used on surfaces such as colored facades, designs or legal graffiti art, providing permanent and effective protection from smudges. Surfaces made of metal, plastics, wood or PVC can also be safely protected. Another advantage is that our permanent graffiti protection PERMA-Guard can be mixed with almost all RAL and NCS colors. Effective graffiti protection can therefore be easily integrated into painting and varnishing work. It is also possible for colorful background designs to be effectively protected against smudging.


Permanent graffiti protection coating

PERMA-Guard is a water based high performance two-component polyurethane permanent coating system. The graffiti protection coating allows for graffiti removal up to 100 times without renewing the product and therefore offers a superior and permanent protection against graffiti.






Semi-permanent graffiti protection coating

SEMI-Guard is an environmentally friendly, fast drying and transparent impregnating system with a graffiti protection layer. Open to moisture evaporation, easy to use, and with no optical change to the surface. Recommended for historic and listed buildings. 


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Graffiti Removal


Graffiti cleaner for all surfaces

The graffiti removing products we use are free of NMP, NEP, orange terpenes, perfumes, and chlorinated hydrocarbons.  Graffiti can be removed from basically all types of surfaces, although it is important to choose the appropriate product as well as the proper removal procedure for the particular substrate. This could be either a high concentrated remover for a particular surface area, or a specific sensitive cleaner for more sensitive plastic or painted surfaces. The effectiveness of a graffiti removal can also strongly depend on the color that was used. But rest assured: in our experience and with our cleaners we have succesfully removed every graffiti so far.
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All graffiti removal products are free from NPM, NEP, Orange Terpenes, Perfumes, and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Remover BLUE

Highly concentrated graffiti remover

Remover BLUE is a highly concentrated graffiti remover which allows persistent graffiti to be easily and reliably removed from moist substrates.

For professional use only

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Plastic G

Graffiti remover for sensitive surfaces

Plastic G is a special graffiti remover for sensitive plastic and lacquer surfaces made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable solvents.

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Wastewater technology


While removing graffiti, wastewater is produced

While removing graffiti we use a high-pressure technology with hot water. It should be ensured that the wastewater is collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. With our wastewater technology, we provide the necessary tools for this. The excess water used during the cleaning process can be removed with a practical drip pan where it is collected and then pumped into a wastewater tank via a battery operated flat suction mat. Here shows that Graffiti-Guard is a protection and removal system.

The excess water used during the cleaning process can be removed with a practical drip pan where it is collected and then pumped into a wastewater tank via a battery operated flat suction mat. 

More information, videos and products on our wastewater technology can be found here.

Project Credentials

State Museum Rheinland-Pfalz


Permanent graffiti coating
Semi-permanent graffiti coating

Natural stone / Facade paint

Project details

Cultural Center Schlachthof Wiesbaden

Permanent graffiti coating

Concrete / Facade paint

Project details

Underpass Mörfelden


Permanent graffiti coating

Facade paint / Lacquer

Project details

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Product Selection based on Surface

Select the surface type to identify the appropriate graffiti remover or graffiti coating for your project. 

Your surface is missing?

Additional surfaces are listed here: Product selection based on surface. 



Antigraffiti for designed surfaces and works of art


Protect works of art effectively

We can offer you a systematic anti-graffiti system. Thanks to our PERMA-Guard product, designed surfaces, such as legal graffiti art or colored facade designs can be permanently and effectively protected against smudging. With our system cleaners: Remover BLUE, Remover G-PLUS, and Shadow G, more than 130 applications are possible.

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There are four available gloss levels including: ultra matt, matt, satin, and high gloss. The anti-graffiti protective varnish is designed with a water base product and is therefore very well suited for indoor applications. Because of the water base and the different selective types of gloss levels, colors are able to apear more intense after application and the colored surfaces underneath will not be damaged. 

After the application of the graffiti protection product, the colored areas are permanently protected against smudging. The application process is very simple, over 130 graffiti removal applications are possible, and the artwork will also remain in its original state.

Tarpaulin and banner protection

Anti-Graffiti - Signage-, Tarpaulins- and Banner protection. Effective protection for flexible outdoor surfaces.

Graffiti-Guard - "Banner Guard" (PERMA-Guard) is an extremely durable, water-based protective coating that can be used on flexible vinyl and outdoor PVC surfaces such as: Trailer tarpaulins, advertising banners, tents and etc.

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Graffiti protection in RAL and NCS colors

Anti-Gaffiti protection - coloring in the desired tones


Our permanent graffiti protection PERMA-Guard can be mixed in almost all RAL and NCS colors.

Graffiti protection can thus be integrated into painting and varnishing. 

A permanent and effective protection against smudging for colored background designs are possible..