Graffiti Protection

An anti graffiti coating protects reliably all types of surfaces from damages done by spray paints and felt pens. It also acts as a protective barrier against pollution, accumulation of dirt and corrosion damages. The choice of the coating depends on the physical properties of the construction, the risks situation and customer requirements. The coating makes it easier to clean stains and accumulated dirt of all types. It also largely prevents concrete corrosion and water absorption as well as the resulting frost damages.

Categories of Coating Systems

There are two types of anti graffiti protective coatings, film forming and non-film forming.

Most of the permanent coatings are film forming coatings.

PERMA-Guard is one of the few partially breathable permanent anti graffiti coating.

Sacrificial and semi-permanent coatings are non-film forming coatings.

SEMI-Guard and TEMPO-Guard are breathable anti graffiti coatings that fall into that category. 

Types of Anti Graffiti Coating

Temporary (sacrificial) coating

If a surface protected with a sacrificial coating is vandalized, the removal of the graffiti paint is easy and inexpensive.

• the sacrificial coating will come off when graffiti is removed using hot water high pressure. Another coat is then applied. 

• microcrystalline wax basis

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Semi-permanent coating

The surfaces to be protected are treated first with a penetrating sealer (permanent protection) and then with a sacrificial coating. 

• combination of permanent sealer and sacrificial coating.
• prevents the graffiti paint to sink deep into the surface
• easy cleaning and long durability.

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Permanent coating

A permanent coating is designed to allow graffiti to be removed countless times. The protection coating remains unaffected and doesn't need to be renewed. 

• two-component polyurethane finish (ultra mat to glossy)
• removal of graffiti up to 100 times without renewing the coating
• very easy graffiti removal

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None of the currently available anti graffiti coating system offers a 100% protection against all the types of paints currently used and being further developed by graffiti vandals.

Acids added to the inks of self-made markers and feltpens can for example damage the graffiti coating and sink into the substrate. Graffiti vandals also have access to special paint additives which are very difficult to remove.