Protecting and preserving art work

Anti-graffiti protection for designed surfaces / substrates.

With our PERMA-Guard product, designed surfaces, for example legal graffiti art or colored facade designs can be permanently and effectively protected against smudges.

The unique four available gloss levels come in ultra matt, matt, satin and high gloss. The anti-graffiti protective varnish is water-based and is therefore also very well suited for indoor application. Due to the water based product as well as the different degrees of gloss, the colors become more intense after application and will not damage the surface.

After applying the graffiti protection, the colored areas are permanently protected against smearing and in the case of additional unwanted graffiti applications the surface can be cleaned up to 100 times.  The cleaning process is very easy while the original state of the artwork will remain.

Examples of the cleaning of designed surfaces

The cleaning process

PERMA-Guard – Permanent graffiti protection is already used by many artists across Europe. The anti-graffiti protection adhesion has already been tested on spray paints from Montana, MTN and Molotow. Adhesion on nitro paints is also possible.

Why use a 2-K-PU protection?


We not only offer advice on graffiti protection, but also pre planning suggestions for example, while creating the base areas. Unfortunately in the past, colored surfaces or legal graffiti were protected with a wax-based graffiti protecting agent. Here is a brief explanation of why it is better to use anti-graffiti protection rather than a 2-component-PU protective laquer.

We believe that graffiti protection based with micro waxes is not suitable for protecting colored surfaces. 

The reasons for this are:

  1. The functionality of a micro wax coating is usually 2-3 years.
  2. A micro wax coating basically shows a visible difference (gloss/darkening) on the coated facade areas. 
  3. Yellowing of the micro wax coating cannot be avoided.
  4. It is likely that the micro wax coating will harden after the warranty and that subsequent removal (e.g. to apply a new facade paint) will be more difficult.
  5. A future graffiti removal removal on a micro wax coating must be done using hot water with high pressure. The facade paint, the plaster and possibly also the ETICS can be damaged.

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