Permanent graffiti protection coating

PERMA-Guard is a high-performance, water-based, two-component polyurethane permanent coating system. The graffiti protection coating allows for graffiti removal up to 100 times without renewing the protection coating product, and therefore offers a superior and permament protection against graffiti. The material doesn’t tarnish yellow, is UV resistant and is available in clear, white and in RAL and NCS hues as well as in gloss levels glossy, satin finish, mat and ultra mat. PERMA-Guard is RAL certified and BAST registered.

Application range

Mineral substrates (painted/unpainted):
• Plaster, rough plaster, variegated sandstone plaster
• Wood, metal, all plastics, tarpaulin
• Tiles, fired clay, clinker, brick
• Concrete (raw/washed)
• Limestone, Eternit, fiber-cement plates

Natural stone substrates (painted/unpainted):
• Sandstone
• Marble / granite
• Travertine
• Other natural stones

For certain substrates an adhesion primer – Guard-Primer (XT) is necessary. Please see our data sheets regarding the surface specification prior to the application.


• graffiti removal for up to 100 times without renewing the protection coating product
• environmentally friendly and easy removal of graffiti
• almost no optical change of the surface 
• water-based, two-component polyurethane permanent coating system
• protects against road salt, pollution, moss and mould
• solvent free graffiti coating, indoor usage is also possible

• available in clear, white and in RAL and NCS hues
• four gloss levels available: glossy, satin finish, matt and ultra matt
• reduces adhesion of posters and adhesives 
• useable on almost any surface
• class 2 moisture evaporation according to DIN EN ISO 7783-2
• 5 years function guaranteee of protective layer
• BAST registered and RAL 841/2 certified (Gütegemeinschaft Anti-Graffiti)

Technical process

1. Permanent coating is applied on the surface.

2. Average moisture evaporation through permanent coating. Class 2 according to DIN EN ISO 7783-2.

3. Paint is sprayed on permanent coating and blocked at the surface. No sinking of the paint into the substrate.

4. Removal of graffiti with graffiti remover and rag. The protective layer is not affected.

5. The permanent coating doens’t need to be re-applied. Up to 100 clean-ups possible.

Processing instructions for PERMA-Guard as video

Graffiti Removal

Paint sprayed on protected surfaces 

1. Apply environmentally friendly graffiti remover

2. Spread graffiti remover with a sponge (white pad)

3. Leave remover for a short time

4. Remove with an absorbing cloth 

5. No change to the substrate after graffiti removal

Graffiti-Entfernung von PERMA-Guard

The video shows a graffiti removal of painted concrete on a PERMA-Guard protected area. The graffiti removal is carried out without hot water high pressure only with the use of graffiti removers. The cleaning can be done over 130 times without renewing the graffiti protection!

2 color sprays and 2 edding / felt markers were applied as colorants.

Technical data

Color: Clear, white, RAL-color, NCS-color
Application rate: The consumption depends on the porosity of the surface apprx. 0,14-0,17 l/m² for 2 layers
Processing time: approx. 45 minutes at 20°C
Dilution: For application by paint roll: max. 5 % dilutable with demineralized water. For application by spray: max. 5 % dilutable wit demineralized water

4 gloss levels to chose from
Glossy: > 85 gloss level at 60° angle
Satin finish: 45-50 gloss level at 60° angle
Matt: 15-20 gloss level at 60° angle
Ultra matt: < 5 gloss level at 60° angle

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Packaging size


1-L    5-L

Order specifications

Art.-code Size           Product 

GS-009-01 1 L             Perma-Guard - Ultra mat - Clear                   6
GS-009-05 5 L             Perma-Guard - Ultra mat - Clear                   2

GS-010-01 1 L             Perma-Guard - Mat - Clear                             6
GS-010-05 5 L             Perma-Guard - Mat - Clear                             2

GS-011-01 1 L             Perma-Guard - Satin - Clear 6
GS-011-05 5 L             Perma-Guard - Satin - Clear 2

GS-012-01 1 L             Perma-Guard - Glossy - Clear 6
GS-012-05 5 L             Perma-Guard - Glossy - Clear 2

GS-027-XX                          Perma-Guard - Farbzuschlag

almost all RAL and NCS-colors available.




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