Tie coat / Primer

PERMA-Primer is a one-component acrylic primer on water basis used on porous and absorbing surfaces as tie coat for the permanent protection coating PERMA-Guard. PERMA-Primer is used mostly on old facade paints, wood, concrete, brick and especially natural stones.

Application range

Mineral substrates (painted/unpainted):
• Plaster, rough plaster, variegated sandstone plaster 
• Old facade paints and/or not acryl based 
• Wood
• Fired clay, clinker, brick
• Concrete (raw concrete)
• Limestone, fiber-cement plates

Natural stone substrates (painted/unpainted):
• Sandstone – raw/absorbing
• Marble / granite – raw/absorbing
• Travertine – raw/absorbing
• Other natural stones – raw/absorbing


• excellent adhesion
• odorless
• barely visible optical change of the surface
• one-component polyurethane primer on water basis
• suitable for many different surfaces (see surface specification)
• solvent free primer, useable indoors and outdoors

Technical data

Color: milky - colorless, transparent after drying
Application rate: the consumption depends on the porosity/absorption of the surface.
- approx. 0,14 L/m². on brick, concrete and facade paint
- approx. 0,10 L/m². on smooth surfaces 

Solids content: approx. 29 vol% 

Drying: Dust dry after approx. 10 minutes
Over coating possible after 12 hours

Dilution: In general not to be diluted.
On strongly absorbent surfaces as well as in warmer weather condition the surface has to be moisturized. The first layer should be diluted with 10% water.

VOC: < 140 g/l

Packaging size

1-L     5-L

Order specifications

Art.-code Size Product Article/Unit

PRIM-015-01 1 L Perma-Primer - Clear/white 6
PRIM-015-05  5 L  Perma-Primer - Clear/white 2