Semi-permanent graffiti protection coating

SEMI-Guard is an environmentally friendly, fast drying, transparent, impregnating system with a graffiti protection layer. The graffiti protection layer has to be re-applied after a graffiti removal. As long as the graffiti protection has not been removed, and has been properly applied to the surface, then it will have a minimum of 5 years duribility. 

Application range

Mineral substrates (unpainted):
• fired clay, clinker, brick
• concrete (raw/washed)
• limestone

Natural stone substrates (unpainted):
• sandstone
• marble/granite
• travertine
• all porous natural stones


• hydrophobic (water repellent), increases resistance against frost and thawing cycles
• open to moisture evaporation – easy application, fast drying
• no optical changes to the surface
• environmentally friendly removal of graffiti (only pressurized hot water)
• protects against road salt, pollution, moss, algae and mould

• 5 years function guarantee
• suitable for many porous surfaces, e.g. concrete, natural stones, clinker, brick
• proven reliable for historic and listed buildings
• BAST registered and RAL 841/2 certified
• provides for isolating protection and reduces the adhesion of posters

Technical process

1. Semi-permanent coating (A. sealer and B. sacrificial layer) is applied on the surface.

2. Normal moisture evaporation through semi-permanent coating.

3. Paint is sprayed on the semi-permanent coating and is blocked at the surface by the sacrificial layer. The sealer prevents the paint from sinking deep into the substrate.

4. Graffiti and underlying coating are cleaned with hot water using a high pressure cleaner. The seal is not affected.

5a. The sacrificial coating is re-applied on the affected areas.

5b. Graffiti can still be removed several times with the addition of system cleaners, while using a hot water high-pressure device and without renewing the sacrificial layer. 

Processing instructions for SEMI-Guard as video

Graffiti removal

Graffiti can be washed off with a hot water high pressure cleaner (temperature: 85 – 90°C) at low pressure. The graffiti protection layer will dissolve with the graffiti. The graffiti protection on the cleaned surface has to be renewed. 

Persistent or thicker graffiti can be pre-treated with Remover G-Gel and then be removed.

Graffiti removal by SEMI-Guard

The video shows a graffiti removal on a sandstone surface which has been protected with SEMI-Guard (the lower area). The graffiti removal was carried out only using hot water and high pressure, and completely without the use of any chemical graffiti removers. 

Above: Unprotected area
Bottom: Protected area (semi-guard)

4 color sprays and 2 edding / felt markers were applied as colorants.



Technical data

Color:                             milky
Application rate: the consumption depends on the porosity/absorption of the surface. We recommend determining any needed quantities through an application test on a area of 1-2m². 
                                        Application guideline per m²
                                       Concrete: 0,20 - 0,30 L/m²
                                       Rendering: 0,20 - 0,30 L/m²
                                       Natural stone: 0,30 - 0,80 L/m²
                                       Granite: 0,10 - 0,20 L/m²
                                       Brick: 0,30 - 0,50 L/m²
                                       Lime sand brick: 0,30 - 0,50 L/m²
Dilution:                        does not thin

  10-L              25-L

Order specifications

Art.-code Size Product Article/Unit

GS-013-10 10 L Semi-Guard 1
GS-013-25 25 L           Semi-Guard                1



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