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Graffiti removers

Remover BLUE - NMP-free

Highly concentrated graffiti remover

Remover BLUE is a highly concentrated graffiti remover which allows persistent graffiti to be easily and reliably removed from moist substrates.

For professional use only.

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Plastic G

Graffiti remover for sensitive surfaces

Plastic G is a special graffiti remover for sensitive plastic and lacquer surfaces made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable solvents.

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Remover G14

High alkaline graffiti / lacquer remover

Remover G14 dissolves in a single application several layers of lacquers from almost all surfaces. Due do its high alkaline formulation it is reserved for professional users. 

For professional use only.

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Remover G-PLUS

Alkaline graffiti remover

Remover G PLUS is an alkaline graffiti remover for persistent graffiti and color shadows on untreated surfaces or surfaces already treated with PERMA-Guard. 

Anti graffiti system product

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Shadow G

Graffiti shadow remover 

Shadow G is a high quality, viscous and alkaline cleaner for the removal of persistent graffiti shadows on untreated surfaces or surfaces already treated with PERMA-Guard.

Anti graffiti system product.

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Graffiti Shadow Bleach / Pigment Bleach

Bleach G

Graffiti shadows remover

Bleach G is a high quality, pasty graffiti shadow remover for the removal of very persistent permanent marker and color spray shadows on many different surfaces.

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Pigment bleach 13 % - liquid

NACLO 13  is a liquid chlorine bleach used for the removal of very stubborn edding, ink and color spray residual shadows on many different surface types.

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All Graffiti-Guard products are free of NMP, NEP, orange terpenes, perfumes and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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