Bleach G

Graffiti shadow removal paste

Bleach G is a high quality, pasty graffiti shadow remover for the removal of very persistent permanent marker and color spray shadows on many different surfaces.

Application range

Bleach G removes persistent stains and left over shadows made by color spray and various types of markers (e.g. permanent markers) on many different surfaces e.g. porous surfaces such as clinker, ceramic, natural stone, brickwork, concrete, marble and plastics, steel and stainless steel or on surfaces already treated with Perma-Guard.

Always check the compatibility of the surface with Bleach G on a test area. Useable outdoors and indoors (in well ventilated rooms).


• Easy application
• Also removes the most persistent color shadows

• Does not affect the surface (such as natural stone)
• 99% removal rate of the most common types of markers

Technical data

Color: brown
Application rate: The consumption depends on the porosity of the surface as well as on type and age of the graffiti.
Approx. 0,17 - 0,33 L/m²
Dilution: In general not to be diluted

All Graffiti-Guard products are free of NMP, NEP, orange terpenes, perfumes and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

1-Kg       5-Kg      

Order specifications

Art.-code         Size Product Article/Unit

GE-006-01 1 Kg Bleach G 6
GE-006-05 5 Kg Bleach G 2



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