Graffiti removal and graffiti protection

Graffiti can be removed from basically all types of surfaces. It is important to choose the appropriate graffiti remover or graffiti protection for the substrate.

Following products are recommended for graffiti removal and graffiti protection from metal (unlacquered).


Graffiti protection for metal (unlacquered)


Permanent graffiti protection coating

PERMA-Guard is a water based, high performance two-component polyurethane permanent coating system. The graffiti protection coating allows for graffiti removal up to 100 times without renewing the protection coating and therefore offers a superior and permanent protection against graffiti. 

Anti graffiti system product.

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Special primer for PERMA-Guard

PERMA-Primer XT is a one layer primer aimed at improving the adhesion of PERMA-Guard on various smooth and sensitive surfaces. PERMA-Primer XT is used on tiles, glass, ceramic, PVC, many plastics and metals, old varnishes and other very polished and sensitive surfaces.

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Graffiti removal from stainless steel

Graffiti removal from unprotected stainless steel with Remover G Plus GEL. With Remover G Plus GEL, a brush, cloth, and a little water, residue-free graffiti removal is possible. 

NOTE: Do not use abrasive sponges for graffiti removal, as they can scratch the surface!!