Trial and Sample Surfaces Service

By field-testing the products on your surface we help you identify the most appropriate graffiti coating.

Years of experience and numerous discussions with clients have led us to identify following tests as the most valuable to decide on the most appropriate graffiti coating. Needless to say that these field-tests come in addition to existing labor tests, such as diffusion, resistance or RAL and DIN tests. 

1. Darkening / color change

2. Adhesion test

3. Gloss grade

4. 10/10/10-Test = 10 sprays paints / 10 markers / 10 cleanings

5. Long-term test = color change/adhesion/cleaning

6. Stress test = 30 cleanings / 10 days

7. Graffiti removal from unprotected surface

We have already tested more than 80 different types of surfaces with our products. Chances are good that yours is one of them.

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