About us

Graffit-Guard offers consulting, training and customer support to commercial users and approved partners and is an overall contact for all issues related to anti graffiti measures in real estate and public places. 


certified (RAL/BAST) graffiti protection system (coatings and cleaners)
network of approved partners throughout Germany
nationwide technical support
training of commercial users and approved partners 





Products for graffiti removal and protection - developed from the practice by professionals.


Graffiti protection reliably protects all types of surfaces from damaged caused by color sprays and felt marker inks. It is also a surface protection against dirt, deposits and corrosion damage. The selection is based on the building physics, the risk situation of the facade and customer requirements.


In principle, graffiti can be removed from all surfaces. The right choice of graffiti cleaner and the gentlest method for the surface are important.



          Graffiti-Guard – your partner for graffiti protection systems

          Customer satisfaction is not only a very important matter to us, but is also in our hearts. We are available to planners, fabricators and builders in every project phase. For processors, the service does not end with the delivery of the products. Our team is always available to advise you with special documents, services and tips.


                  Training / Seminars

                  Trainings and seminars are offered 1-day, 2-day and as a multi-day training with intensive practices.

                  The recipients get an overview of the possibilities of graffiti removal and graffiti protection, which relate to specified substrates.
                  Furthermore, the topics of hazard analysis, damage patterns, cost-effectiveness of graffiti protection measures, alternative graffiti protection.


                          Test and sample area service

                          We are happy to carry out various tests for you to find the best graffiti protection for your surface.

                          Due to our long practical experience and countless customer discussions, our tests have proven to be important for decision-making for optimal graffiti protection. These tests complement the laboratory tests that are also available for our products, e.g. Diffusion, resistance or RAL and DIN tests.



                                  Contact Person


                                          Udo Ernst


                                          Has more than 10 years of experience in the graffiti removal und graffiti protection business.He is responsible for the partner network support in Southern Germany.



                                          Benny Jensen


                                          has about 12 years of experience in the graffiti removal and protection business and is responsible for the partner network in Northern Germany.


                                          Roland Ernst


                                          A master painter with extended knowledge in the graffiti protection business he is responsible for the partner network support in the middle germany area.