Charts / Brochures / Information

See important charts and brochures about our graffiti protection system Graffiti-Guard.


Brochure on graffiti removal 

For all graffiti removal information and products see our brochure (PDF).

Brochure on graffiti coating thermal insulation system  

See our case study on thermal insulation system and graffiti removal and coating (PDF).

Training - Seminars - Information (PDF)


Graffiti removal – chart – surfaces 

How to remove paint from unprotected surfaces (PDF).

Graffiti coating – chart – surfaces 

Choosing the right graffiti protection based on surfaces (PDF).


Graffiti removal – information – Eternit 

Graffiti removal from ETERNIT facade panels EQUITONE (Pictura) und EQUITONE (Natura) PRO (PDF).

Graffiti removal – information – risk analysis

Graffiti removal – yes or no ? Risk assessment through analysis of facility and location (PDF).

Graffiti removal – information - PERMA-Guard (PDF)


FAX - Order (PDF)