Selection of the appropriate graffiti coating

The choice of the best possible anti-graffiti protection system depends among other principles:


• Customer's specifications
   e.g. no color change, gloss level, follow-up costs, etc... 

• Risk analysis
   most particularly the likelihood/frequency and the magnitude of graffiti
   Click here for more information on risk analysis

   type of substrate and chemical / physical properties of the anti graffiti protection systems

Graffiti Coating Selection according to Characteristics

The differences between the various anti graffiti coatings are based on appearance, durability, technical process, cleaning procedure, costs, etc. 

Selection of the appropriate graffiti coating according to the surfaces

Find here the appropriate graffiti coating, whether for a painted facade, a natural stone surface or plastic siding. 

(i)  please follow the specific application instructions!
(1) without paint or varnish
(2) coating of nitrocellulose lacquers not possible!


+ = recommended
+/- = ok
- = not recommended

Selection based on risk analysis

Completing a short risk analysis will allow to determine whether a facade is a potential target for graffiti and further deteriorations. The risk assessment is based on an analysis of both the property and the surroundings and depends on various factors. One should particularly try to estimate the cleaning frequency, i.e. the likelihood of vandalism.

Click here for more information on risk analysis

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