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Permanent graffiti protection coating

PERMA-Guard is a high performance, water based, two-component polyurethane permanent coating system. The graffiti protection coating allows for graffiti removal up to 100 times without renewing the protection coating and therefore offers a superior and permanent protection against graffiti. 

Anti graffiti system product.

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Special primer for PERMA-Guard

PERMA-Primer XT is a one layer primer aimed at improving the adhesion of PERMA-Guard on various smooth and sensitive surfaces. PERMA-Primer XT is used on tiles, glass, ceramic, PVC, many plastics and metals, old varnishes and other very polished and sensitive surfaces.

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Semi-permanent graffiti protection coating

SEMI-Guard is an environmentally friendly, fast drying and transparent impregnating system with a graffiti protection layer. Open to moisture evaporation, easy to use, with no optical changes to the surface.

Recommended for historic and listed buildings.

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