Temporary Coating

TEMPO-Guard is a water-based microcrystalline wax emulsion temporary sacrificial layer which is used as preventive graffiti protection. After a graffiti removal, the graffiti protective layer must be reapplied. The protective layer should remain functional for at least 2 years, unless it is removed or was not properly applied.

Application range

Mineral substrates (unpainted):
• tiles 
• fired clay, clinker, brick
• concrete (raw/washed)
• limestone

Natural stone substrates (unpainted):
• sandstone
• marble/granite
• travertine
• all porous natural stones


• solvent-free and biodegradable
• hydrophobic (water repellent), increases resistance against frost and thawing cycles
• open to moisture evaporation – easy application, fast drying
• slight optical change of the surface – darkening/light shimmer
• environmentally friendly removal of graffiti (only hot water high pressure)

• protects against road salt, pollution, moss, algae and mould
• 2 years function guarantee
• recommended usage for monument preservation and protection
• suitable for most porous surfaces, e.g. concrete, natural stone, clinker, clay brick

Technical data

Color: milky
Application rate: The consumption depends on the porosity/absorption of the surface. For the calculation of the needed quantities we recommend determining this through an application test on an area of 1-2 m².
                                        Application guideline per m²
                                       Plaster: 0,20 - 0,30 L/m²
                                       Concrete: 0,25 - 0,35 L/m²
                                       Natural stone: 0,20 - 0,50 L/m²                                   
                                       Brick: 0,15 - 0,30 L/m²
Dilution: does not thin

Order specifications

Art.-code Size  Product

GS-014-25 25 L Tempo-Guard    1



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