Graffiti removal and graffiti protection

Graffiti can be removed from basically all types of surfaces. It is important to choose the appropriate graffiti remover or graffiti protection for the substrate. 

Following products are recommended for graffiti removal and graffiti protection from asphalt and tar (road surface).

Graffiti protection for asphalt/tar (road surface)

Recommendation: to avoid possible cracking, chipping or blistering we recommend SEMI-Guard or TEMPO-Guard as suitable graffiti coating for road surface such as asphalt and tar.



Semi-permanent graffiti protection coating

SEMI-Guard is an environmentally friendly, fast drying and transparent impregnating system with graffiti protection layer. Open to moisture evaporation, easy to use, no optical change of the surface.

Recommended for historic and listed buildings.

Product details

Graffiti protection for asphalt/tar (road surface)