Plastic G

Graffiti remover for sensitive surfaces

Plastic G is a special graffiti remover for sensitive plastic and lacquer surfaces made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable solvents. 

Application range

Plastic G is used for the removal of graffiti from soft or transparent plastic and lacquer surfaces, such as polycarbonates, vinyl, plexiglas, polyvinyl chloride, acrylic, enamel and many one-component and two-component lacquers.

Caution: dispersion and lacquer paints can be dissolved at longer application time! Useable outdoors and indoors (in well ventilated rooms).


• Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
• Very mild graffiti remover for sensitive surfaces
• Fast removal of graffiti without affecting the surface

• Easy application
• Also useable on car paints

Technical data

Color: colorless, light yellow
Application rate: The consumption depends on the porosity of the surface as well as on type and age of the graffiti.
Approx. 0,08 - 0,10 L/m²
Dilution: Do not thin

All Graffiti-Guard products are free of NMP, NEP, orange terpenes, perfumes and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Packaging size

1-L   5-L     10-L

Order specifications

Art.-code Size Product Article/Unit

GE-004-01 1L Plastic G 6
GE-004-05 5L Plastic G 2
GE-004-10 10L Plastic G 1



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