Remover BLUE

Highly concentrated graffiti remover

Remover BLUE is a highly concentrated graffiti remover which allows for easy and reliable removal of persistent graffiti from moist substrates.

Application range

Bleach G removes graffiti stains made by spray paints and permanent markers on many mineral and non-mineral surfaces, such as tiles, glass, clinker, metal ceramic, natural stone, brickwork or surfaces already treated with Perma-Guard.

Caution: dispersion- and lacquer paints can quickly be dissolved! Useable outdoors and indoors (in well ventilated rooms).


• Easy application
• Effective also on moist surfaces
• Increased precautions necessary (use personal protective equipment)

• Non-corrosive – biodegradable 
• Highly concentrated – can be diluted 10 (Remover) : 1 (Water)
• Useable by temperatures 5° - 50°C

Technical data

Color: light blue
Application rate: The consumption depends on the porosity of the surface as well as on type and age of the graffiti.
Approx. 80 - 120 ml/m². Check consumption on a test surface.
Dilution: 10:1 possible
pH level: 5 - 6

All Graffiti-Guard products are free of NMP, NEP, orange terpenes, perfumes and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Order specifications

Art.-code Size Product Article/Unit

GE-019-25        25 L Remover BLUE 1



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